Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Culturally Enriching Society, One Over-Priced Haircut at a Time

Crazy Ass Patron: Your hair is great.
Me: (smile brightly) thanks!
Crazy Ass Patron: No, no. Your hair is great.
Me: (starting to get a little scared) Uh .... thanks?
Crazy Ass Patron: (with level of enthusiasm that borders on deranged) No, no! I should be thanking you!
Me: (pretending to be looking for something I suddenly lost) Uh-huh.
Crazy Ass Patron: It's like ... if I saw a painting at a museum, the painter wouldn't thank me. I'd thank the painter for making something so beautiful.
Me: Maybe the painter would thank you, you know, if he were around and you told him you liked his painting.
Crazy Ass Patron: No, I should be thanking you! Your hair is like ... it's like it's beautifying the world.

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