Thursday, April 23, 2009

earth day recap

no those are not balls of alien moss. those are my earth krispie treats! they're amazingly similar to rice krispie treats, except they're dyed blue and green and balled into earth shapes. they might look questionable but they tasted good. oh, i am so clever.

so yesterday we had our earth day party, and i was all by my lonesome handling a room full of 40 something kids with only the help of a few teen volunteers. yikes. but it was cool, and we only had one minor injury.

first we played a game called Litter Pick Up, in which the kids must sit in a circle and inside the circle is all sorts of litter: plastic bags, paper towel rolls, etc. then when they hear the word 'go' they must pick up as much litter as possible without leaving their spot. they got surprisingly excited by this and soon utter chaos erupted. i didn't see what happened, but one little girl must have gotten slightly trampled or something and she started crying. then one of my more industrious volunteers gave her a sticker and sent her on her way. game over.

then we played a game called Recycling Sort in which the kids had to stand behind a line and then throw recyclable materials into the proper bins. this was pretty cool and since only one kid was throwing stuff at a time and the rest were lined up behind the line, there were no injuries.

and finally we made a craft, which i don't have pictures of. but it was really cool. basically, we cut out the center of paper plates and decorated it like the earth. then we decorated the outer part of the paper plate and hung them together to make a sort of mobile.

and that was our earth day party.

today we have our last installment of indoor playground. we'll be playing hopscotch. i've had to cancel indoor playground because the kids actually like it TOO much and get totally out of control. maybe i'll bring it back in a few months if they promise to behave.

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