Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer's here and the time is right for awesome YA programs

i'm going to take a short break from boring you all with the details of my vacation, to bore you all with the details of my summer programs ...

in addition to being the children's librarian, i am also in charge of young adult (YA) programs over the summer. this is fine by me since i heart working with the teens. so much angst. love it. i'm hoping that my awesome awesome YA programs will be so wildly successful that we will continue YA programming throughout the rest of the year. so here are some of the fab things i have planned:

first i've got some awesome craftiness up my sleeve. notice left my "second generation" prototype duct tape wallet. this wallet was made solely out of duct tape, using classic silver, black and purple. pretty cool no? it has a pockets for bills as well as smaller pockets for credit cards.

my next fabulous feat of craftastic-ness is this journal made out of a discarded book. i went through the YA collection and withdrew all the books that haven't circulated in a while and set aside ones with cool covers (or in this case super cheesy covers). i sliced off the covers then cut looseleaf paper to the same size as said covers. then i went through all the layers with an awl, lining up holes at the top (this is actually more of a notepad then a journal), then tying it all together with twine. then i made some strands of beads to bling it up a bit. i'm calling this craft: destroy a book, make a journal. what teen wouldn't want to do that?

(i just want to do a shout-out to my stepsister who got me started on christopher pike's trashy horror novels ... challah!)

yesterday me and my lovely co-worker librarian went to this place called materials for the arts. pretty much, they're a non profit that collects various items from crafts to fabrics to computer parts to furniture, and they put it all in a big warehouse and allow non-profits who "do art" to come in and take whatever they want. the only catch is you have to write several thank you notes to whoever donated the supplies you take. not a bad deal if you ask me. my momma raised me right and taught me about the importance of thank you notes. anyhoo, i've been there several times and sometimes it is slim pickings, but yesterday it was filled with fabulous useful things. we got hula hoops and beach balls for indoor playground. we got all sorts of fabrics and bubble wrap for my "teen project runway: library edition" program. we got trims and notions and fake fur (part of a "bear repair kit," who knew?) for my "goth sock puppet" program. fun fun fun.

we're also having a twilight party which i am super excited about (even though i LOATHE the twilight movie) ... anyway we're going to have a trivia competition and make bella charm bracelets and ... this is my favorite ... i bought a poster of bella and edward and i'm going to cut bella's head out so the girls can put their face in there and take a picture with edward.

oh my clever cleverness knows no bounds.


Rutila said...

1. Christopher Pike provided the necessary transition from Goosebumps to The Catcher in the Rye in my formative reading years.

2. Major score for your clever cleverness with the cut-out idea!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i never read goosebumps. i think i went from choose your own adventure to christopher pike to catcher in the rye ;)

*Bitch Cakes* said...

That art warehouse is phenomenal! What a great idea (whomever came up with it). It's environmental and helpful.

I LOVE your journal idea! I saw a similar thing @ the Renaissance Craft Fair this spring. I almost bought one. They were 12 bucks a piece.

Jennifer said...

Just saw the cover & I was like hey, I used to read these books. Thanks for the shout out.