Saturday, November 21, 2009

keepin' it old school

so i just couldn't resist bringing this clever cleverness to your attention ... another highlight of the party was the "take your picture with edward" photobooth (faces have been changed to protect the innocent).

now, i did this at our last twilight party and someone asked "how'd you do that miss dewey decimal? did you use photoshop?" no. i don't know how to use such complicated things as photoshop. i bought a poster of edward and bella and then cut bella's head out and encouraged kids to put their face in the hole where bella's face once was. anyway, it works quite well and even the boys enjoyed it once i explained that they could just make scary goofy faces. oh, there is no end to my awesomeness.


Her Mother said...

Thank God, the Gods, and all forces of nature- You're back to blogging.
Please save me a vampire cookie!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

the vampire cookies are long gone ... damned those greedy kids