Tuesday, January 12, 2010

letter writing week

today we had a letter writing program, in honor of letter writing week. we're doing something this month called Every Day is a Holiday, and we are celebrating every weird random holiday we can find. bean day, kazoo day, penguin appreciation day, etc. anyway, told the kids we would be writing letters to famous people, and that hopefully said famous people would write back to us. several times i had to explain that michael jackson would be a bad choice because he can no longer read or respond to correspondence. urgh. anyway, i encouraged them to think of living people to write to, and then ask them thoughtful questions so that they would have something to respond to. here's my favorite letter:

Dear Barack Obama,
You are an awesome president. I'm so concerned on global warming. What are you gonna do about global warming?
Love you, awesome president!

P.S. Say hi to your family from me!

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