Tuesday, March 2, 2010

and now .... the end is near

dear beloved super awesome blog readers.  where to begin?  i will be resigning from my post as children's librarian exrtaordinaire and will be running off to south america with my beloved bolshevik to go on zany adventures. 

say what?! 

yeah, you heard me.  so with that i bid you adieu.  but do not fret my lovelies ... i will leave you with another blog so that you may follow my hijinks.

miss dewey decimal


Jordanna said...

Oh my gosh I'm going to miss you! I've been following you for ages and ages and you make me laugh with every post!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

don't worry jordanna! i won't really be leaving you ... soon i'll post the link to my new blog and there will be all new hilarity for you to follow!

Jordanna said...

hooray, I look forward to it...

I like your shenanigans and the mysterious mentions of the Bolshevik :)

SkitzoLeezra said...

Good to know, I thought you got lost in the periodical section.