Monday, February 9, 2009

that's the weigh it is

so i have gained 2 pounds this week. urgh, that is not supposed to happen! i had lost four pounds! i was so close to getting the little star for losing 5 pounds! i want the star! moreso than that i want to be svelte ... but a star would be nice.

see, the bolshevik had this layoff party (he got laid off. no need to shed a single tear, he's thrilled about it) and i saved up all these points so i could drink lots o' alcohol. but what i didn't take into effect was that the bolshevik would be serving cake. and mashed potatoes. seriously, those two do not go together. and the day after said party i have visions of me sneaking very very small pieces of cake, or taking a little bite of mashed potatoes here and there. but i guess if you do that over and over and over again throughout the course of an evening it begins to add up. and i'm sure the late night tator tots at trash bar didn't help.

they say you shouldn't eat at night. but does it count if you're eating at 4 am? is that still night, or should it be applied to the next day?

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Peonys said...

You'll get there. I've found that when I have a gain of more than a pound in a week that it is more likely to be due to water retension and having a back-log in my intestines... if you get my drift.

Since late Oct. I've lost 12 lbs on Weight Watchers. It's been slow, but I have been learning a lot and not being too limiting to myself.