Saturday, November 22, 2008

revenge and daily facial peel never tasted so sweet

bam, son! that's right, that's my package!

thursday i got a call back from customer service telling me that mr. postmaster had located my package. i was even told that mr. postmaster would deliver it to my house then and there. of course i wasn't at the paradise, i was at work. it seems that the post office has yet to figure out that 95% of people are not in their homes during typical postal delivery hours. anyway. i was then told that if i had any problems picking up my package the following day i should ask for mr. postmaster and he would solve all of my package pick-up needs (my main need being for someone to give me my package).

so friday i walk into the post office feeling triumphant. my package will be kept from me NO MORE! there was no line, and of course there was no one at the package pick-up window. i waited for about 5 minutes and finally Evil Pick-Up Window Woman appeared. she did not greet me with her typical salutation of, "why are you here? i've already told you i don't have your package." instead, she allowed me to speak.

"i received a call yesterday saying that a mr. postmaster had located my package and i could pick it up today." and lo and behond instead of giving me an attitude or denying the existence of my package, Evil Pick-Up Window Woman actually went and got my package! and then she did something completely unprecedented ... she handed my package to me!

(you thought i was going to say she apologized? hell no she did not apologize. but she had this tail-between-her-legs look like she was hoping and praying i wouldn't call her out on the fact that she is not only a complete bitch but also totally incompetant)

dear blog readers, i took the high road. i did not say a word. i just took my package and strode proudly out of the post office, hopefully never to return again.

the end.

p.s. my daily facial peel is fab! i expect to see massive results within a few days! yay!


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Your skin looks younger and firmer already!

I'm so glad this (finally) had a happy ending; but what a nightmare! I think evil pick up window lady has a very sad life and she takes it out on everyone around her.

The Lady in Red said...

For. Real. Sistah has some serious trauma that she was taking out on you. Hooray for facial peels and Mr. Post Master!

Jennifer said...

Glad it worked out...thought I was going to have to rat this lady out to my mom...not that she could do anything but that she should know.

Jarred said...

I would have totally said some off comment but only after I had the package firmly in my hands. I suppose your just a little more tackful than I.