Monday, July 28, 2008

butterfly liberation day

so today i threw out about 6 cocoons which i deem to be dead. then i made little signs for the kids to color that say "goodbye butterflies" in celebration of butterfly liberation day. yay! get these butterflies out of here before there are anymore casualties. yay!
when it came time to release the butterflies a few kids noticed old gimpy. well, i told the kids that gimpy would have to fend for himself out in the wild. maybe the fresh (ahem) air will do him good.
so we all walked outside holding our signs and i opened up the butterfly atrium ... one go-getter flew out immediately while the others just fluttered around. then all the kids shouted, "see! they like it in there!" but alas, i pushed those guys outta there. poor gimpy wasn't able to fly out so i put my hand in there and he crawled onto my finger and i transfered him to a nearby plant. we'll see if he's still there tomorrow morning.
thus concludes our All About Butterflies program.

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