Thursday, July 10, 2008

indoor playground: day 2

"what am i looking at, miss dewey decimal?" well i'll tell you, dear blog reader ... you are looking at my masking tape hopscotch game i made on the carpet of our program room. oh, there is no end to my clever cleverness. i made two of these so that many kids could play at once. we also had two tables set up with jacks, which my assistant taught the kids how to play since i had no idea.

now i hate to brag (this is wholly untrue, i love bragging) but i am really good at hopscotch. i haven't played in about 22 years, but when i started hopping i was amazed how it all came back to me. the kids were impressed. i made it all the way to ten in no time. but this is about the kids, who were also decent at hopscotch, and had a blast jumping around and playing games. it was pretty cool.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

PLEASE can we play hopscotch before the summer ends? McCarren Park or wherever in the hood! I have chalk!!!