Thursday, July 10, 2008

forever a third

hey miss dewey decimal ... how much of your novel do you have written?

why dear blog readers, thanks for asking. i am a third of the way finished.

really? only a third? why is that?

well, i'll tell you dear blog readers. it's because i love to procrastinate. here is a rough approximation of this evening's activities. mind you, when i left work i had every intention to go to the coffeeshop and write.
6:30 arrive home
6:32 change into tank top and shorts
6:35 have epiphany that i have enough ingredients in the house to actually cook a meal
6:40 begin cooking
7:10 sit down to watch tv and eat food which i prepared MYSELF
7:30 continue to watch tv even though i am finished eating
8:00 do dishes
8:10 realize that i am actually very tired and do not want to go to coffeeshop. decide i will stay home and begin writing immediately
8:15 after staring at hair in mirror decide to put back my purple streak
8:15-8:35 dye hair
8:40 walk to deli to buy soy milk and fruit. on an impulse, i purchase an iced coffee
(my 9th coffee!)
8:55 begin writing
9:30 pat self on the back for figuring out how to footnote within a footnote
9:45 decide to take pictures of my hair for the blog
10:00 go back to writing
10:30 check email
10:45 check out my mom's blogger profile
11:00 call mom to tell her blogger profile is hysterical
11:30 decide to write a blog post while simultaneously sending text messages

and that dear blog readers is why you will not be reading my novel any time soon. sorry. but look at how cute my hair looks! it was looking a little too light before, no? needed a splash of color, don't ya think?

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

The color is even lovelier in person and goes very well with the autumn color palette at Banana Republic.

BTW I hope you are not reading these comments on Sunday afternoon. You are supposed to be working on your writing! :)