Monday, July 14, 2008

greatest brooklyn weekend ever

let me tell you about my amazing weekend:
first, on friday i was attacked by allergies and had to go home from work early. this was not great. but i loaded up on allergy meds and wound up sleeping from 4 pm to 9 pm. then i watched movies for a while and went back to sleep. needless to say, my sleep cycle was all messed up because of the 5 hours of midday sleeping.

so saturday i awoke at 7:45 am. and that is where the greatness began. i decided that i would make good use of my time and go to a yoga class at the gym. after yoga i returned home and got ready for my brunch with the naked heroes. the naked heroes were very impressed that i had already been so productive.

anyhoo, the NH and i discussed their wedding plans and we had a fine time joking around while also getting much planning accomplished. then, as we were walking back from lunch i spotted the most perfect kitchen table. it's a 50s style retro dinette table with a formica top and chrome legs. it was in excellent condition, with the legs neatly tied together with twine, and a plastic bag with all the screws taped to the back. amazing. i was so nervous it would be gone by the time i got my car back there. i biked home, got my car, drove back and lo and behold it was STILL THERE. of course now it is in my kitchen. yay! it even has a leaf so we can extend it for dinner paries (ie potluck bring your own chair parties). i have named the table norman since i found him on norman ave.

then i drove to this vintage clothing store that was going out of business and i got a fancy dress for the wedding as well as a pair of knee high boots. i was able to haggle the woman down to $50! total! for both dress and boots! (dress and boots are about a $250 value!)

then i went home and the roomie and i assembled the table. then we ate sushi and watched 90210. after 90210 we biked into town to catch the naked heroes playing at the charleston. then we got frozen yogurt and walked through this church festival where they have a strange religious totem pole devoted to jesus and mary. and there were doo-wop singers. and a wee man who was either a hipster or a hobbit. we are still unsure. there was also an incident in which we could not identify if a young man was a hipster or a magician. but i think the roommate is right that he is a hipster and not an amateur magician.

then we went to a party where i opened a can of whoop-ass on a young whipper snapper who thought he knew about pearl jam (he saw them in 2001! please! give me a break! this kid was in diapers back when pearl jam were actually good) i was a little mean, but whatevs.

then i got home at about 3:30 and went to bed. mind you, this was all just on saturday.

sunday i woke up all excited because it was BREEDERS DAY!!! i have now decided that breeders day is my christmas. anyway, even though i only had about 5 hours of sleep i sprung out of bed and met the gang for pre-breeders brunch. then we went to the pool and we watched dodge ball and went on the bouncy castle slip and slide (please note that this was an event for adults and there were only a minimal amount of children around). we sat on towels and listened to opening bands and then finally the breeders came on. they were so good. they closed with my favorite song, saints. so good. then i went to miss fifi's house for homemade icecream. after which i rode home, had a 2 hour phone conversation, and then passed out.

and that dear blog readers was my fabulous weekend.


Her Mother said...

May I please meet Norman?

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Wow!! That really was a weekend full of fabulosity. How joyous!

I also highly recommend getting up early on Saturdays and/or Sundays because you really will get so much done. It feels like you have an extra day in your weekend.