Wednesday, December 10, 2008

is it chivalry, sexism, or are you just trying to get into my pants?

this morning i was SUPER early so i decided to stop at this new gas station in the hood where they are fancy enough to have proper tea and coffee (they even have breads and muffins! no way!). and while i was there, since i had so much time, i figured i'd buy more windshield wiper fluid. my windshield is dirty and i ran out of fluid ages ago. anyway, as i walked to my car fluid in hand i wondered to myself how long it would take before a man interrupted me, assuming that i am unable to fill my car with cleaning fluid and that he needs to come to my rescue. now, i am quite clueless when it comes to automobiles, or the horseless carriages as the kids are calling them nowadays. but i know how to do a few things:
1. i know how to pump my own gas
2. i know how to add oil, windshield wiper fluid, and coolant
3. i think i might be able to change a tire after seeing my friend mike taco do it
4. and one time i even installed a new car battery ... all by myself!
anyway, i have noticed that the moment i step towards the hood of my car men will swarm around and try to "help" me. why? do they assume that i cannot help myself due to me being a woman? are they just trying to be polite? or are they trying to look for an "in" with me? who knows. i don't know, maybe this stems from my desire not to talk to people i don't know while i am going about my business.
but as soon as i popped the hood and was fiddling with that bar that props it open, lo and behold a male passerby asked me if i needed help. did i look like i needed help? i mean, it wasn't like i was fumbling around, getting myself all covered in oil while wondering which end of the jumper cables go where (jumper cables are not even involved in adding wiper fluid! see how knowledgeable i am!). anyway, i knew what i was doing. and then there was the added insult that since we are in the big bad city, most passersby are not even drivers! what does this man know about cars?! he is most likely a pedestrian who has never owned a car in his life. i politely told him i was fine. i proceeded to add the wiper fluid and go on my merry way, spritzing my windshield happily as i drove off into the sunset.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Well since I've been told twice in the last month or so that I'm sexist, I guess it's no surprise that I say I welcome assistance in these situations. Call it (and me) sexist.

But deep down, I think people are happy and willing to help if and where they can.

Then again, as my ex husband used to tell me, guys don't talk to you unless they want to F you. So there's that angle too.

I don't think I have an answer for you, Ms Dewey! But I'm glad your windshield is sparkling. BTW, I have a AAA membership if you ever need to use it.