Wednesday, December 3, 2008

turkey see, turkey do

so here are some examples of the turkeys we made. on each of the feathers we wrote something we are thankful for. on the left is the turkey made by kid who hates hoboes. he is thankful for the five sense, for jobs, for his life, for poems, and for his school. mine is at right. i am thankful for my friends and family, for the people who love me, for my home, and for my education (i figured i'd throw that in there for the kids)

you may notice that we have some new fancy googley eyes! (kid who hates hoboes made use of our "eyelid" googley eyes) oh how i heart googley eyes.

1 comment:

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Even consumerist is in on the greatness of Googly eyes!

In this article, they say "*Just about anything can be improved with googly eyes, including plants."

Naturally, I thought of you.

Nice turkeys! Did any of the kids say they were thankful for Ms Dewey Decimal or the library?