Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last year's new year's resolutions revisited

where was i this time last year? let's take a look at last year's new year's resolutions and see what i have accomplished (or not accomplished) in 2008.

1. i will not drink any alcohol for the entire month of january.
i stuck with this resolution pretty well, although i have to say it is SO hard not to drink when you are surrounded by bar culture and the main activity amongst your friends and neighbors is binge drinking. i think i eventually compromised and said i would only have 1 drink on weeknights (if i went out) and 2 on weekends, and i stuck to that for several months.

2. i will write a novel. i have not set a date for its completion, but i will have a substantial novel that i will be working on.
i totally nailed this one! i am about halfway through my novel. go me!

3. i will perform burlesque in public.
this one took a backseat to novel writing. however i did have a small tassel twirling exhibition on my 30th birthday, so maybe that counts for something. the bolshevik has kindly asked that i do not bare my chest in front of others. i feel that this is a reasonable request that i shall honor for the duration of our relationship.

4. i will continue going to the gym regularly and aim for 2.5 times a week
i have been trying to go to the gym 3 times a week, but i'd say i average 2 times a week. as this is more often than i have ever exercised in my life, i would say i'm doing fairly well on this one.

5. i will not go after "players" anymore.
if you were to examine my dating record, you would see that i did indeed fall for one player in 2008 (but it was early 2008! i was still new to this non-player thing!) anyway, i am proud to say that the bolshevik is not a player, not at all. so in the end, better late than never, i succeeded with this resolution.

so really, the only thing i didn't accomplish in 2008 was more public nude performance. i'd say that 2008 was a pretty successful year.

and as we look towards 2009, what glorious things do i want to accomplish?
  1. i'd like to complete my novel (then i'd like to get it published, and then i'd like to become famous and be a guest on Oprah and/or the Tyra Banks show, even though i find both Oprah and Tyra Banks to be obnoxious)

  2. i would like to lose my prednisone weight and become super svelte again (i am fighting the unsvelteness vigilantly, and yet i have made no strides. i merely maintain the same level of unsvelteness)

  3. i would like to balance my personal budget, and live in a more fiscally sound manner (when i transfer to my new branch i will be able to get rid of my car! that will give me a couple hundred bucks extra a month. yay!)

  4. i hope to maintain the healthy and satisfying relationship that i have with my beloved bolshevik. being in a non-toxic relationship is fun, and i encourage you all to try it sometime.

  5. general improvements: i would like to be more tidy, i'd like to be kinder to people, i'd like to improve my wardrobe, i'd like to cook more, and i'd like to let people "in" more.

and that dear blog readers is about as introspective as i'm going to get on this snowy new year's eve.


rowan said...

those are good resolutions. i don't really make any but this year i'm hoping to bring over to 2009 what was good in 2008. the "letting people in" part in particular. or rather letting in people who are good and healthy to be around. no more unhealthy or fruitless connections. i also plan to attend more burlesque shows.

perhaps you can do a private burlesque show for the bolshevik...

Peonys said...

You've got me thinking about what things I would like to accomplish in 2009 as you've been so successful in identifying great resolutions AND accomplishing them Go YOU!

Watch my blog for my wishes and determinations.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

rowan: i think i need to practice a bit more before doing any private performances. but i do have lots of cute accessories that will just going to waste otherwise!

peonys: i'm glad my resolutions have inspired you. i still think of this self-help book you recommended to me about following your dreams. i didn't actually read the whole thing, but i repeat some key motivational phrases from time to time.

rowan said...

as they say, practice makes perfect. (and a few glasses of wine)

*Bitch Cakes* said...

That's a great review of last year's resolutions. You did a fantastic job! And this year's resolutions are great too. If you do end up on either show, I'm hoping it's Tyra- I kinda love her.