Friday, January 2, 2009

my love affair with Banana Republic

some of you may know how much i heart banana. oh, banana, how i love thee ... let me count the ways!

anyway, ms. bitchcakes shares my love of banana and she had once told me that she watches items online (that she's already tried on in the store) and waits for them to go on sale.
so i followed her lead and i've been waiting for this BR Monogram dress to go on sale (Monogram is BR's fancy pants more expensive line) ... i hadn't even tried to dress on, i just happen to know that a BR dress size 8 almost always fits me perfectly.
i waited patiently and saw the item reduced 20% ... then 30% ... but i still waited. and then, oh blog readers then ... then it was reduced SIXTY PERCENT! oh happy day! so i purchased it (using my $10 Luxe reward, which i get from time to time for spending lots of money on my special VIP banana charge card). and i wore it on new year's eve and got many compliments.(remind me later when i have nothing to write about to tell you the "backwards dress" story. it's a good one)

ms. bitchcakes also alerted me that if an item goes on sale within 14 days of you purchasing it, BR will refund you the difference. of course you have to come into the store with your reciept, blah blah blah. so i've been watching my item, and today ... 15 days after i purchased it, it was reduced an extra 10%. now, i was thinking that since i ordered it before christmas and they were most likely closed that day, that i should get a little extra time. so i called the special Luxe member hotline (they have a special hotline for people like me!) and the very very helpful person at the hotline said that although the price adjustment is only available within 14 days (regardless of holidays, natural disasters or acts of terrorism) that this ONE time she would give me the reduction anyway. isn't that awesome! so she credited me $20! over the phone! just like that! yay!

which means, that in the end my BR Monogram dress was the low low bargain price of $64! i heart you banana!


*Bitch Cakes* said...

OMG I am so excited for you! That is so freaking awesome! You are an excellent student. Seriously- I am not only impressed, but also happy for you!

I hope you're wearing this fantastic dress tomorrow! I think I am wearing my own Banana bargain- a 175 dollar dress that I scored for 66 dollars on New Year's Eve! (I get tingly just thinking about it)

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i'm thinking about wearing the dress tonight. i wore it on NYE, but the only people who would it would be a "repeat" for would be the bolshevik and mr. katz. and i don't think either of them would be too offended.

i am very excited for your BR dress deal. (everything is 70% off now, it's insanity!)

Peonys said...

I totally went to the BR website after reading this and I found a really nice shirt that was on deep discount... I put it in my shopping cart.. went to the farmer's market this morning ... came back and it wasn't available any more. Oye. And I really need long sleeve shirts.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

oh no! maybe you can find another sweater! i've bought several sweaters from them this winter and have gotten A LOT of use out of them.