Saturday, January 31, 2009

senorita dewey decimal es mi bibliotecario preferido

yesterday i had not one but TWO dad's chat me up. not in a creepy way or anything, just in a nice friendly way, but a kind of extra-friendly way that we save for people who are not ugly. know what i mean?

anyway, dad 1 was looking for a book. shocking! and i helped him find said book, and then he said something to me in spanish. the only word i caught was ojos (eyes). now, i have some pretty nice peepers, i'll admit it, but he was definitely waxing poetic because he said a hell of a lot more than just the typical ojos azules. he then informed me that the whole thing would be lost in translation, but he nonetheless brought over a spanish speaking co-worker and had her translate. it went a little somthing like this:

the beauty and purity of your eyes is a reflection of the beauty and purity of your self-esteem.

well ... isn't that a nice way of saying i have purdy eyes? i thanked him, telling him that was the nicest thing i'd heard all day (which is true). then he asked me if i was "taken," and i told him that my heart belongs to the dostoevsky-reading bolshevik.

on to dad 2. we were about to close the library and it was one of those nights when all the patrons were taking their sweet ass time getting out of the building. please people! i have a life outside the library! get the hell out! but i digress ... dad 2 came up to me to tell me that he had noticed that i was working very hard, going all over the place all the time.

this is true ... and it isn't true. now, i am not one of those librarians who will just point to some far away stack and tell people "it's over there ... somewhere." oh contraire. i actually get off my lazy ass each time and walk people to the stacks and i do not leave their side until they are book in hand. that said, when no one needs my help i am perfectly content to sit at the desk and look at stuff on the internets. work hard, play hard my dear blog readers. anyway, after being complimented about my diligence in the children's room, dad 2 and i discussed the intricacies of various neighborhoods in our fair city. after a few minutes he remembered that he had to leave and i reiterated, yeah get out.

these interactions got me thinking ... of course, it would be typical for the fathers to do some light flirting with the young cute children's librarian. and then i realized that the reason that i had never experienced this before is that i've never encountered fathers before. back in library in the hood i was only flirted with by crackheads and deadbeats.
this leads me to a suggestion for a new slogan .... happy shiny new library: we have fathers.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Sounds like these Dads are trying to fulfill a hot librarian fantasy. Bad dads! (but at least they're there with their kids, which is pretty rad.)