Thursday, January 29, 2009

i feel it ... i really do

i think i'd like to make a compilation of my bad library spanish. now, for the record, i speak fairly decent "traveller's spanish." you know, like i can ask where tourist attractions are and haggle the price of trinkets in open air markets. however, i do not know how to say things like, "when did you return your books?" or "those dvds were due last week and now you owe us $16." but i try to muddle through these phrases in my broken spanish, because that's the kind of trooper i am. so here is today's best bad spanish sentence.

lo siento. no tenemos libros about tuberculosis en Espana, solamente ingles.

i feel it. we do not have books about tuberculosis in Spain, only English.

that's right! you heard it here first. the entire country of spain is completely void of tuberculosis books. if any of you loyal readers are wondering how to make a quick buck or two during these hard economic times, maybe you'd like to publish some books on tuberculosis and export them to spain.


Candy said...

I have been an avid reader of your blog for a few years now. Your brother George had shared this blog a few years ago and Ive been hooked since. Often I find myself smiling at your quick wits but since I'm 100% fluent in Spanish this one actually made me laugh out loud and everyne in my office looked at me like I had 3 heads. "Lo siento" however does convey the message of "im sorry" so you were right on that one.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

thanks, candy! i'm so glad you enjoy the blog.

as for my broken spanish, i figured that "lo siento" actually is correct. but i second-guessed myself when i looked it up on babelfish and they said it means "i feel it." i just wanted to convey how inaccurate my spanish is. i can't even tell you how often i say the wrong gender for things, or speak in the present tense because i don't remember how to conjugate verbs. urgh, it's a mess.