Friday, January 9, 2009

it's hard work actually working

hello my dear dear blog readers! did you miss me terribly? i'm sure you did. here's the skinny on what's been going on.
i started my fab new position on monday. it took me 35 minutes door to door to get there! using mass transit! yay!
then, i was greeted by friendly staff members who ... get this ... were excited to have me start working there. yay!
then, i was led into the staff room to stow my belongings. and lo and behold what did i see there, but remnants of a party. there was even a bulletin board congratulating one of the staff members. the phrase "we're so lucky to have you!" was prominently displayed. now, i love decorating and throwing parties, but i don't think even i have ever made a bulletin board honoring someone. that is some serious friendly co-worker teamwork shit going on. and i believe that it is a sign of a *gasp* non-toxic environment. yay!
you may be thinking to yourselves, "well miss dewey d, if everything's so peachy keen why haven't you been writing about it?" well, that dear blog readers is because i am SUPER busy. there are no less than a million kids in here. and for the most part they are ESL, so they need a lot of help with their homework. but get this, their parents actually bring them here and sit with them and ask me for help and then thank me after i give said help! crazy! parent involvement, whodda thunkit?
so i am a busy little beaver, but i am enjoying my friendly new happy environment and my short commute and my non-ghetto community. i can even walk around outside! i've been running errands on my lunch break! yay!
so things are good dear blog readers. things are good.


rowan said...

oh! yay! i was wondering what happened to you. sounds delightful in that new library of yours. hope to hear more about the characters you encounter.

Jennifer said...

I know I've missed you & your postings. Throws off my whole morning when I can't read your blog while eating my breakfast...glad things are going well.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

oh, that's such fabulous news. I'm really happy for you! Sounds like you have a new crop of kids that you leave your indelible impression upon!