Saturday, January 3, 2009

an end to the aughts

i want to introduce you to a new term i learned:
the aughts: referring to the decade of 2ooo to 2009
yup, thought you might like to know about that now that the aughts are officially over.
moving on!

usually i try to make new year's resolutions, but this year i think i just want to make some goals. here they are:

1. finish the 2nd draft of my novel so that i can begin the hunt for an agent (hopefully within the next few months)
2. get back to my old exercize routine of working out twice a week instead of once a week (if i didn't have a job, i would be able to go to the gym much more frequently)
3. become fluent in spanish

now ... let's look at last year's list and see how successful i was at 2009's resolutions:

i'd like to complete my novel (then i'd like to get it published, and then i'd like to become famous and be a guest on Oprah and/or the Tyra Banks show, even though i find both Oprah and Tyra Banks to be obnoxious)
well, i did complete the first draft of my novel. woohoo! but there is still much work to before i am a guest with Tyra (when i daydream about myself as a famous author now, i typically am being interviewed by Tyra, and not Oprah)

i would like to lose my prednisone weight and become super svelte again (i am fighting the unsvelteness vigilantly, and yet i have made no strides. i merely maintain the same level of unsvelteness)
while i am not at my old level of "super svelte" i have managed to lose about 6 or 7 pounds since last january and actually keep it off. so that's pretty good. i'd still like to lose 3-5 more pounds though.

i would like to balance my personal budget, and live in a more fiscally sound manner (when i transfer to my new branch i will be able to get rid of my car! that will give me a couple hundred bucks extra a month. yay!)
i wouldn't say i've "balanced my budget," because i feel like that is not even within my mathematical abilities. however, i am living in a more fiscally sound manner, and am no longer finding myself strapped for cash. i also have been preparing more food at home, eating out less, going out drinking less, etc. so i've done pretty well here.

i hope to maintain the healthy and satisfying relationship that i have with my beloved bolshevik. being in a non-toxic relationship is fun, and i encourage you all to try it sometime.
i believe that my relationship with the bolshevik is stronger than ever. we had some rough patches when he first began his world travels, but now i believe we have found a healthy balance of being together and being apart. and we have some exciting plans for this spring (to be revealed later)

general improvements: i would like to be more tidy, i'd like to be kinder to people, i'd like to improve my wardrobe, and i'd like to cook more.
i am not more tidy, or more kind. but i am not any less tidy or less kind! i have been cooking more, but i use the term "cooking" loosely. and my wardrobe is the same.

in conclusion, i believe that 2009 has been a good year to me. which is good because 2007 totally blew, and the first half of 2008 was rocky at best. i look towards 2010 as a year that will be full of new fantastic adventures and personal growth ... and hopefully some representation by literary agents.

miss dewey d

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