Thursday, January 15, 2009

large and in charge

so today is day two of me lording over - ahem, i mean being in charge of - the children's room. apparently my co-children's librarian in crime has been sick for the past few days. i too have been sick for the past few days (don't tell anyone, but i may be responsible for infecting her), but i've been trudging through! thanks in part to tylenol cold SEVERE, which although was very effective at first, seems to be getting less and less severe.

anyway, the big excitement here was that i got some mail from library in the hood. now, at first i thought this might be some last ditch attempt to get me in trouble for something. like maybe this was some sort of disciplinary letter for a sit-down i failed to show up to. but then when i opened it, lo and behold, what did i find? a supercute homemade card from the kids. they found pictures of librarians and kids and books and had made a little collage for me, telling me that i am "the best" and all that. it was signed by the kid who hates hoboes and my favorite kid and the other usual suspects. so sweet. i hung it up at my new desk.

in other news, svelteness continues to be at an all-time low. two weeks ago, after being inspired by ms. bitchcakes, i joined weight watchers. let me tell you, weight watchers is hard work. it takes a lot of planning ahead and preparing your own food. these are two things i do not typically enjoy doing. so the first few days i was literally starving. STARVING, dear blog readers. this wouldn't be so hard if i was still in the hood and had the option to visit the vegetarian who used to feed me. sadly i am left on my own to fend for myself. but thanks to some tips from ms. bitchcakes i am doing a lot better now. so i'm tracking my daily points and what not. this week i am saving up my points for soul food with the bolshevik and my friends the confined nomads. so far i have 25 points banked up. hopefully i will be in good enough health to go to the gym this weekend and then i can earn even more. i am sure this is not what the good people at weight watchers intended when they created the points system. but hey, who doesn't love a loophole?

and that my beloved followers, is that.


Peonys said...

Yeah, I am glad to have a good friend in WW too. Sweet! As far as I know those 35 flex points you get each week are just for those occasions when you are got to have a "big" meal.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Oh! I hope you can take a pic of the nice card the kids made you, that's adorable!

WW seems like a lot of work at first- it's just an adjustment. Lots of tiny changes add up to big progress and better health. Well worth it, and I'm very proud of you!

(PS You can use the 35 flex points anyway you choose- a few per day, all at once, or not at all. And there is nothing wrong with accumulating and using your activity points! Go for it!)