Wednesday, March 18, 2009


patron: habla espanol?
me: lo siento, solamente un poquito
patron: oh, um, i need help with my homework? the matematicas?
oooh! i know that one! that means math. i'm smart.
patron: do you know the pandas?
me: [silence]
so i'm thinking pandas are animals. not mathematics. did she mean pentagrams? like geometry or something? satanism? or maybe she meant polynomials? i don't remember what a polynomial is but i bet it's math. needless to say i am confused.
me: no, yo no se.
patron: (sigh, as if this is oh so taxing that i don't know about panda math) you don't have a book on the GED or something?
me: well yeah we have GED books.
and then i go get her a GED book and she seems quite satisfied. but i ask you, what the hell was that?

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

I have no freaking idea! Good thing you're so smart though!