Saturday, March 28, 2009

the librarian who reads

now that i've been here at happy shiny new library for a while, i am getting the hang of things and the kids are growing accustomed to me. every week i do one storytime and one baby time. at first the kids didn't really dig my schtick, but i made a few adjustments and now they have warmed up to me.

the other children's librarian also does one storytime and one baby time, AND an additional toddler time. she is more of the "typical" children's librarian, and she is very comfortable singing cutesy songs and dancing around and being silly. i have improved on these fronts, but i still like to keep my storytimes and baby times book-oriented. i mean, that's why we're here, no? so i read 4 or 5 books to the older kids, and 1 book to the babies. part of the problem is that we get SO many kids for our programs, often 25-45 kids, so its hard to maintain control while reading them a book. it's like mutany could errupt at any moment if they are not completely entertained at all times. so it's easier to keep the program moving if you have a lot of songs and movement.

anyhoo, the other librarian was going to do a school visit and she was informed that a child had asked the teacher which librarian was coming. the teacher wasn't sure what she meant, and the child elaborated, "is it the librarian who dances or the librarian who reads?"

so there you have it. i am officially the librarian who reads. now, i appreciate this title because i do like reading. but i am also a pretty fab dancer. my facebook friends have even voted me "best dancer" using the rate my friends application. so even though i do not want to increase the amount of time i dance with the children, i am still a little perterbed that i am not the librarian who dances. but what can you do?

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