Thursday, March 12, 2009

life in the fat lane

oh, it's so nice to be off weight watchers! the other night i went out to dinner with my beloved bolshevik and we shared an arugula salad with shaved parmesean cheese and pears! then i ate pasta with mushrooms! and then i had half a chocolate torte! yay!

then last night i had a night with the ladies where we drank wine and ate manchego cheese and pears and snacked on almonds and strawberries and had an assortment of italian pastries.

and do you know what? when i weighed myself this morning, i was still the same weight as i was when i was driving myself crazy with weight watchers only to lose three measley pounds! here, i've made a simple mathematical equation to express what is going on:

stay on weight watchers = very minimal weight loss = mental strife
eat regular healthy diet = very minimal weight loss = semi-happiness


Peonys said...

I can hear you're fed up with the tracking-everything-you-eat-thing. It's a lot of work.. as well as staying focused and on-plan. You can say, though, that you gave it your all. I've been easing off the WW myself, but mostly due to other meetings and such conflicting with my WW meetings. Thankfully, in the 6 weeks I've been mostly off-plan I've maintained my 12 lb weight loss! So, I am feeling very good about that.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i'm so proud of you that you lost 12 pounds! that's awesome! i'm sure you can keep it off, if you continue to eat well and exercise. i'm still eating the WW diet in some ways, just not tracking it. we'll see what happens (i had this awesome blueberry napoleon last night from a local italian bakery yummy)

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I think the less you want to lose, the harder it is. The good thing is I'm sure you learned stuff. And you get to keep and use that knowledge whether you track or not. (Everything you ate sounds sooooo good!)