Monday, March 2, 2009

happy birthday dr. seuss

oh today is dr. seuss's birthday. yay! and in anticipation for our dr. seuss party on friday i have been trying to figure out suessean crafts to make. and you know what, i couldn't find any patterns for making a cat in the hat hat. and then i found this pattern for a "really big hat." what is this bs? why would i want to have my kids make a "really big hat" out of a paper bag? that makes no sense. it looks like a pope hat! and we are certainly not celebrating the pope. i would be embarrassed to have my kids walk around in this. anyhoo, i created the fab hat shown here out of a paper plate, red construction paper, and white computer paper. not too shabby, no?

and in other news ... yes ... the library is open today. i am aware it's snowing out. obviously i had to go outside in order to get here. stop calling me and asking me if we're open. no need to rub it in people. and no one showed up to my story time. ho hum.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Your hat is the shiznit, Ms Decimal! Hope you made it home safely. It looks terrible out there!