Wednesday, October 3, 2007

googley eyes make all the difference

i am purposefully writing this before the rush of mad school children come in at 3pm and ruin my day ... this morning i had 22 5-year olds from a local day care center come in for a story time. this was really my first story time ever. and i must say i did a damned fine job. i read the following books:
if you give a pig a pancake
don't let pigeon drive the bus
five little monkeys jumping on the bed
-break for stretching-
how do dinosaurs get well soon
it looked like spilt milk
then, as if this wasn't enough, i let the children in a craft in which they made dinosaur stick puppets. now, i had to pre-cut 40 dinosaur shapes and then 40 dinosaur backgrounds and then the children colored in the dinosaur amd glued the dinosaur to the backgroung paper, with a popsicle stick in bewteen. this looks a little cheezy on its own, but when you add a googley eye to it ... voila! you have an amazing dinosaur stick puppet. mine looked SO good i decided i should take a picture of it for you fine people, and that is when i learned that my camera no longer works. grrrrr. so i took a picture with my phone, but i don't know how to get the picture from my phone onto the computer. anyone? anyone? the other day i learned about quick text and that my phone will actually try to insert the words i am trying to write whilst i am txting. amazing, no?


Kara said...

I want to come to the library and make dinosaur puppets with googley eyes. Your library sounds like fun, small chairs be damned.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I can totally see you on a tiny chair reading to the kids and it's pretty funny!