Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween! now shut up and be quiet

happy halloween! today i am dressed as hell's librarian. i am wearing a black dress with black & grey striped knee highs and glittery devil horns. you see, hell's librarian is very unhelpful. dare i say, she is one of satan's minions. anyhoo, she does not help people find things or do their homework. if anything, when you ask her a question she most likely will either laugh in your face or give you total mis-information. for instance, if you were to enter a libray in hell and ask for a cookbook, hell's librarian would totally tell you it was in the 200s. ha, joke's on you! they're really in the 640s. or are they?
okay ... must continue setting up for our halloween party.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

or perhaps they're in the 666's?

mwah hah hah!

So do we get to see this costume?

fifi said...

Hell's Librarian looked delightfully Dewey & all kinds of e-villllll!