Tuesday, October 30, 2007

suffering from lead poisoning and being a minor celebrity

today i went to a meeting. a woman was there to talk to us about the dangers of lead poisoning. she was very thorough. i am now thoroughly convinced that i have been exposed to a variety of toxins and am most likely suffering from lead poisoning myself. right about now you are probably thinking i am a hypochondriac. well, the woman sitting next to me ALSO became convinced she too had lead poisoning. so its not just me.
oh, and i am on the cover of "library matters," a library magazine about queens library. everyone who is everyone has seen it.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

F the lead poisoning- we're all going to die of Greenpoint disease. I have never been so sick as I have since moving the the 'point.

You must scan this! How exciting! I want an autographed copy!!!

fifi said...

Oh, yeah, we Greenpointers are all gonna die nasty, painful deaths.

In the meantime, where do we everyones get our paws on this magazine?

Maureen said...

I second the scan idea-but if not that, bring a copy on Friday to share!