Thursday, October 4, 2007

magically annoying

today we had a magician come in. he was actually really good and we had 40+ kids show up and they were all very well behaved. but as soon as he left all hell broke loose again.
i had to kick out a table of kids who were being too noisy. then they complained "oh its not fair!" "ooh it wasn't me" even though i had given them many warnings.
then a morbidly obese man yelled at me because we don't have many computer books. i told him that sadly we don't have many people looking for books. he told me i should encourage people to read. really? encourage people to read? what the hell have i been doing?! encouraging book burning and illiteracy?! then he said that in white libraries they have lots of computer books. well, this may be true. but that's not because those people are white. its because those people ask for books. our people ask for dvds. we have lots of dvds. he said he is going to complain to the manager. more power to you.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

Perhaps instead of complaining to the manager he can request those books. Seriously- I don't know how you do it, Michelle...