Friday, August 22, 2008

an apron and a gaggle of googley eyes

the night before rasha's funeral, a whole bunch of us punk ropers gathered at miss fifi's house for what i can only describe as a cupcake baking and veggie snack box assembling extravaganza. about ten or so of us were cramped into her typically spacious kitchen, baking and chopping and assembling various goodies for the memorial celebration the following day. we baked several hundred cupcakes, and made several hundred snack boxes (although i hear some boxes accidentally got filled with my friend carolina's jumbalaya. oops. ) anyway, it was amazing to see everyone pull together like that, and it really made me appreciate was a fantastic network of friends i have.

when miss bitchcakes arrived, she had thoughtfully brought a few vintage aprons from her collection for some of us sassy girls to borrow. and that is when i feel in love with this apron shown here. please notice the apron comes with a matching oven mitt (with little ears!). i think miss bitchcakes knew that once i tied this baby onto me she was never getting it back. she generously said i could keep it, since she never wears it anymore.

when i brought it back to the paradise, i quickly noticed that it actually matches my kitchen walls! and doesn't it look fab next to norman? i was so pleased. but then, looking at the oven mitt i had a stroke of brilliance. this little guy needs googley eyes. and that's when i remembered that miss fifi had given me a large variety of googley eyes for my birthday (knowing how much i LOVE them), including sew-on googley eyes (which i had never seen before! good work miss fifi!) so i sewed on the googley eyes and voila! the apron and oven mitt are now quite perfect!

and again i thought about how lucky i am to have such great thoughtful friends. thanks ladies!


*Bitch Cakes* said...

You know, I bought that apron years before knowing you. But I now realize I was merely a holder or keeper of the apron. It was obviously meant to be in your apartment and crafy savvy hands. I can't wait to see the mit with the googly eyes. And I *love* that photo of you in it, possibly naked, and next to Norman. Super hot!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

for the record ... i am in fact clothed in that picture. i just used some clever camera angles.

fifi said...

Now you'll always look like a (hot, sexy, leopard-trimmed) pro when you yell, "I'm opening the oven!!"

All your friends, me included, are just conduits through which cool things are passed on to you.

Thanks again, my sexy elves, for helping bake & create veggie boxes -- everyone truly loved the gestures (& said everything tasted wonderful!). It was the only way I knew how to respond.