Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sexy santas and shiny stars

it's been a rough couple of weeks dear blog readers. but i feel it is now time to go back to daily life, specifically my usual schtick of picking apart the world around me with irreverent disdain. don't you all miss the irreverent disdain?

hanging out at matchless last night, it came to my attention that i have a pet peeve about girls dressed up as sexy santas. now don't all go running to matchless. there are no sexy santas there. this is a total non sequitor. what upsets me even more than a tarted up mrs. claus, is what is shown here at left. (please excuse my poor quality camera phone pic) what is shown here is a man performing last night at mccarren pool before the screening of velvet goldmine (i heart ewan mcgreggor's eagerness for full frontal nudity, but i digress).

note that the man in the picture is holding a guitar. yet, the majority of his performance he did not use this guitar. he merely sang along to a recording of various r&b beats and backgrounds. after a bit of heckling from yours truly he did assure the audience that he would in fact eventually use the guitar, which he did later in a Doors cover. but i do not think that one cover song is enough to warrant the prestige that carrying a guitar around brings. i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if at least half your set doesn't include the guitar you've got strapped to you, then you're not really a guitarist. especially since no other instruments were present. i could excuse this behavior if he was spending the rest of his time playing keyboards or even bongos.

i have to say, the pre-movie music at the pool this summer has really sucked. what's up with that? last week was some indigo girl reject was singing about how she is like a lighthouse, and now this? i support musicians and all, but sometimes there's a reason people are lost in obscurity. i mean, i could sing along to pre-recorded music while holding a guitar. that's what they call an overly eager karaoke performance. maybe i even know more chords than this guy. the other day i totally nailed f sharp minor.

in library news, today is the day of our talent show. monday i had a lovely afteroon with the kids, making stars out of silver paper to hang up as decorations. the children were very impressed with the shininess of the silver paper and have all requested to take stars home with them when the talent show is over. pics of my shiny silver paper to follow.

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