Thursday, August 28, 2008

there's no business like adult business

sometimes i worry that maybe i am getting too complainy. buit i figure that you fine people would let me know if that was happening. so here goes ...

even though i am almost fully recovered from my two-week illness, i am still getting hives every now and then. they aren't too bad and they only come every few days, so it's a huge improvement, but it's still a bit annoying.

yesterday as i was leaving work i had a bunch of little hives on my arm. no big deal. i took some benedryl and tried to ignore it. then by the time i got out of my writing class they had all grown. took more benedryl, added in some xyzal, then went to bed. but apparently, as i was sleeping they all ganged up on me and formed one giant hive which i awoke to this morning (as seen here). now it's lunchtime and it's still going strong.

but on to more fun topics. yesterday we had our summer reading club party for the k-3 kids. we made ice cream sundaes. i gave out free books, goody bags, bug masks, and little alien finger puppets. the kids were extremely pleased. one thing i have to say about these kids, is that they are always thankful for all the crappy prizes i give them. and i had decorated the room with crepe paper streamers, and at first i thought that maybe that $2 in the dollar store was ill spent, but when these kids walked in they ooohed and aaaahed about how festive the program room was. today we will be having another party, this one is for the 4th-6th grades. i think i'm going to have alot left over, so the staff here may end up eating ice cream sundaes for the next few days.

oh and i wanted to tell you about an interesting reference question i had ... a young man came up to me, he looked like he was in high school, and asked me if i could help him find a book. he goes on to talk about some book that "back when he was in college" (if he had ever really been in college it couldn't have been too long ago. like maybe it was last week) a teacher had told him would be helpful in starting a business. when asked if he knew the name of this book, he said no. then he said he wanted any book that would tell him what licenses you need to start different businesses. so i asked him what kind of business he was interested in, because i doubt we have a book that just lists all possible businesses and what licenses are needed to start up each one. he then whispered that he was starting an "adult" business. now, i am not familiar with the adult industry, but i'm going to assume that there are many many different types of businesses within said industry. just going out on a limb there. so i asked him if he could tell me what specific kind of business he was interested in, because that would be the only way i could figure out what kind of book he needs. then he laughed and it was obvious he didn't want to tell me what type of business he was planning on venturing into. so i said, "i'm going to assume that whatever business you're thinking of, we probably don't have a book on it." and then i suggested he go to the central library since they have an extensive business section. but i can't help but wonder what type of business he was interested in: brothel, adult bookstore, peep show, sex shop? now i'll never know.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Hmm, I wonder if this is somehow related to the crank call. What's up with that? Could these just be "dares" that other kids are putting them up to?

BTW- As a complainer myself, I don't think you're complainy at all. Bring it on, we can handle it.

But seriously- those hives worry me! WTF?!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i didn't even think about these as dares. that makes perfect sense. maybe there is some club that has library pranks as part of their initiation process.

the hives are worrying me too. i thought i was done but now my arm has actually swelled up a bit. i go back to the dr. on tuesday.

fifi said...

1) Your hives can suck it. Suck it hard, hives! (From what I understand, once you have an outbreak on such a massive scale as you did, they tend to linger. Tell your doctor to make them go away for good.)

2) The kids at the library in the hood sound so delightful & I think they have a clue that they have the greatest librarian in the world.

3) He's not my pimp. I'm just sayin'.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

miss fifi,
1. hives are doing better ... had one on my foot yesterday, but it is much improved.
2. the kids are delightful, sometimes. and they are typically pretty thankful of me, which is nice.
3. i think he is your pimp.

ryan manning said...
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fifi said...

I was hoping that Mr. Ryan Manning was a friend of yours.... Seems like such a pleasant young man.