Friday, August 29, 2008

someone is looking out for me

my friend came up to me at work to remind me that next week is my week to do "the papers." it is, of course, not her job to remind me of these things. but obviously she is concerned at the repercussions that could occur if i were to forget. ain't she sweet? she's so sweet. i marked it on my calendar ages ago, but then this week i brought in the papers accidentally thinking that this week was next week. so unfair. but obviously, writing it in my calendar is not neccessarily a sure-fire way to remind myself. and that is when i remembered about for those of you who don't know about it, jott is a free service that will send you text messages and e-mails with a transciption of whatever you dictate into the phone. for instance, i just called jott and said "i need to buy the papers on tuesday." and then it asked me if i'd like a reminder, and if so when. so on tuesday at 9 am jott will send me a text message telling me to buy the papers. cool, no? there is also an option to send these transcriptions to friends and family who you list in your profile. like, if i was walking around and wanted to email mr. katz about a brilliant idea i just had, i can call jott and tell them the briliant idea and they will transcribe it and send it to mr. katz. isn't technology amazing?

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fifi said...

Mr. Katz, I had a thought for a portrait pose for your museum exhibition. Joe Katz, man in a window with a shotgun. We haven't done it yet. Think about it.