Friday, December 14, 2007

25 big ones and they're mine all mine

i think i told you how i am involved in a learn-to-blog project at work. anyway, i am one of the few people who actually completed the project and the prize is a $25 gift card which i just received today. so my manager comes over with this envelope marked "personal and confidential" and it was curriered over here by a library staff member. well, my manager was intrigued and i have to say she looked a little bit jealous. she skulked away before i got a chance to open it so i know it is eating her up inside about why did i, silly children's librarian, get something imortant. ha ha sucker! serves you right for being a meanie who never wants to do anything and doesn't care about the library!
but wait! it gets better! i open it up to see what store the gift card is to and it is a VISA card! so i can use it anywhere! yay!
so i invite you to look upon my fantastic $25-earning blog project in all its $25-earning glory!
but wait! it continues to get better! there was a deadline you had to finish your blog by. this deadline is rapidly approaching. and all the people who finished (ME and a handful others) will be placed in a drawing to win a new laptop. so that means that i am now in a raffle for a new laptop and i am competing against precious few others! yay!

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