Thursday, December 20, 2007

we're a team!

today we had a staff meeting!
we're a team!
ms. manager told us that we all need to answer the phone quicker.
people from central may be watching us!
ms. manager says that we must MUST make sure to clean up! this library WILL be clean!
people from central may be watching us!
have i mentioned that this is the most immaculate library i have ever worked in?
we MUST clean up!
i wonder if the people from central will also be checking to see if mean old ladies are yelling at everyone for no reason and then ejecting them from the library.
we are a small staff, and ms. manager doesn't want to hear "it's not my job."
i look around at the three other employees at the meeting and wonder if any of them have actually ever uttered that phrase. probably not.
everyone here does everything! there's no, "it's not my job!"
i wonder who's job it is to answer reference questions while i am doing programs? because right now people just come into my programs and intereupt me to ask simple questions like, "can i borrow one of those little pencils?"
everyone here does everything! and if you don't like it you should go to another branch!
all in all, it is a riveting speech. but it seems like it should all be directed at the staff of some other library where these horrible atrocities she is accusing us of might actually be occurring.

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fifi said...

You've got her riht where you want her -- on the lunatic fringe of the branch. She will break at any moment & apologize profusely for being a hateful old biddy. Then you can drain her lifeless body of its precious, precious blood & go back to the awesome library.