Monday, December 24, 2007


happy christmas eve! let me explain to you the logic behind me being at work today: all the libraries in the system are open 1-8 on mondays. but today we are open 10-1 since it is a holiday. we are doing this so that patrons have some library service today. however, how many patrons are going to think that we are open at 10 when on every other monday EVER we open up at 1. my prediction? there will be loads of patrons coming at 1, trying to make their way in here while we are trying to go home. so far we have had 7 patrons. one hour to go.
another exciting thing that happened today is that i got my 6 month evaluation. it turns out i am a "satisfactory" employee.

  • i order books and weed the collection in a timely fashion.

  • i offer costumer service to both children and adults and make use of all resources the library provides.

  • while providing costumer service to patrons i simulatenously give lessons on how to use the library

  • i give instruction on the computers

  • i "merchandise" library materials according to library standards

  • i create children's programming

  • i have started The Newsflash, a newsletter with art and writing submitted by the children

  • i coordinate with local schools

  • i pay close attention to the specific recreation and education needs of the youth, which is reflected in circulation records

  • i recruit children to participate in the Read Down Your Fines program

  • i am confident in my own abilities, but do not shy away from asking for help if neccessary

  • i perform my duties according to library standards

  • i am an automaton

at first i was a little disappointed to be considered only satisfactory, but then i found out the only options for your first performance review are satisfactory and unsatisfactory. so then i didn't feel so bad. my manager did make mention to some specific things i do with the children. there was one bullshit comment about me working harder to keep the children's room neat during afterschool hours (ie, free of all children), but besides that i think it was as good as it could be. it is the best of all possible worlds.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Those bullet points should add up to the best review ever. That's a crappy rating system. I hope you at least get a big raise?

fifi said...

They forgot a bullet point
-I recruit for NAMBLA

Hey, can I get me some of that famous "costumer service?" My costumes of late haven't been what they used to & I know you have magical talents for such things.

I also vote for a big raise.