Thursday, June 5, 2008

the breeders are coming! the breeders are coming!

oh god, can it be true? will the breeders be playing a free show at mccarren pool? please, let the unfounded rumors be true.

jellynyc hasn't announced who their "super secret headliner" will be on sunday july 13th, but last fm is boldly stating that it will in fact be THE BREEDERS! oh please let it be so! i hope this isn't some mean hipster practical joke.


fifi said...

Sweet & Sour Jesus of Kansas! Please, let the Breeders play McCarren Pool! That would be the crowning glory the pool needs this summer.

And speaking of bad-ass hot chicks who could kick Chuck Norris' ass, the Bronx Gridlock & Brooklyn Bombshells face off this Saturday night at 8-ish. Check out for more info & to buy tix. Get your tickets before you go, though, since they often sell out. We'd hate for you to have to miss any blood bouncing off the track.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

excuse me ... speaking of bad ass hot chicks ... my girl merica of the Naked Heroes will be giving her drum set a beating friday night at trash bar.

it was her birthday on tuesday so i'll be bringing her red velvety goodness in the form of cupcakes.

come one, come all. (also, i need protection from the glam rocker)

fifi said...

Amen, sister.

As long as I can come sweaty & covered in soccer field goodness, I'll be there.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

um, i think it might be a requirement to come sweaty and dirty. this is trash bar we're talking about.

when does soccer end? the heroes go on at 11. i'll be there earlier distributing cupcakes.

Anonymous said... doesn't post the concert listings itself. the events are manned by users and can be edited by anyone with a profile

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

so what? anyone can just say that any band is playing anywhere?! that's anarchy worse than wikipedia.

btw: led zeppelin are doing a one-show reunion tour at my place this saturday. byob.

fifi said...

And The Doors are playing at 488 Madison Avenue RIGHT NOW!

P.S., Sorry we missed the show last night -- injuries & bad post-game attitudes sent us home.