Saturday, June 14, 2008

a day in the life of a gotham librarian

this morning i woke up confused due to a strange feeling of contentment. what is going on here? what is this feeling? is this genuine happiness? what gives?
job: satisfying. the kids are improving leaps and bounds, and my co-workers and i are just one little happy family.
writing: going well. everyone loves what i'm working on, which leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment.
socialness: i am just a regular social butterfly. you most likely will run into me while i'm out and about in the nabe.
romance: looking up. things are brewing. can i be more vague?
anyway, i woke up this morning feeling good despite the fact that it was SIX AM. you are most likely asking yourself, "why? why, miss dewey decimal? why would you wake up at that ungodly hour?" well, it was so that i could have a starring role (this is a huge exaggeration) in the upcoming punk rope dvd. so i made my way to one of greenpoint's finer drinking establishments where the punk rope dvd was being filmed. there i was, thank god, greeted with coffee and bagels. and i had my fourth cup of coffee EVER. (for those of you not keeping strict count of my lifetime coffee consumption it goes as follows: 1. accidental coffee from bodega, 2. coffee with my friend from england to prove to him that i can drink coffee, 3. coffee out of desperation at a meeting that didn't serve tea, and finally 4. punk rope dvd)
anyhoo, the first "scene" i am in was a warm up song where i show various stretches. i got to be right in front (i do love attention) and i looked pretty fab if i do say so myself. i was wearing my black skort from american apparel (possibly the only item of clothing that they sell that does not make me look like a fat whore) and my black and pink punk rope tank top. this ensemble was accessorized with my black and pink pumas, and my black and fuscia striped skull sock-it-to-me socks (which i blogged about previously here). super cute.
then after the warm-up scene i had a "librarian cameo" in which i had to look like a librarian. big stretch. but it did require a wardrobe change into a black knee length fitted skirt with this super cute gray blouse i bought with my mom on our last shopping trip. anyway, there were two people jumping rope: one jumping properly, and one jumping improperly. if your feet make noise when you jump rope then you are jumping improperly. so i walk behind the man jumping loudly (while holding a goldie hawn biography and a copy of love in the time of cholera) and i look at him with librarian scorn and then .... then dear blog readers i got to shush him! i was told by the crew that i needed to shush louder, which of course defeats the whole point of shushing, but whatevs.
then it was coming up on 9 am and i needed to leave to go to work. that's right, after spending two hours at a dvd shoot i then went to library in the hood. luckily i was already dressed as a librarian so i was good to go.

so now i am here on a saturday. it's so very very quiet here on saturdays. which is usually boring but today it is good as i am oh so tired (why did i stay up til 2:30 last night ... oh yeah, that's why. he he he) must nap before going out to punk rope post production party. sometimes its exhausting being me.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I can't wait to get the DVD!!!

Wow- fourth cup of coffee EVER?! I envy you for not succumbing to the dark lord and master that rules my mornings- the evil delicious coffee and caffeine.

2:30am? Love life looking up? Did you find Jarred from Starbucks???

fifi said...

Here here on the goodness of coffee-bucking.

Yes, why WERE you up until 2:30??

That DVD's gonna be the best fitness video EVAR. If only TEAM SEXY had all had a group shot together -- being sexy, of course.

And, of course, whatever-god(s)-you-believe-in bless knee-socks.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

2:30 am ... wouldn't you like to know? he he he he.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

just an aside ... i still get tingly when i see that pic of jarred on your blog ms. cakes.


fifi said...

Yes, yes I WOULD like to know. As would your mother...we're waiting....

Jennifer said...

That comment about American Apparel made me laugh out loud. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

you are not alone jen.