Friday, June 13, 2008

bringing a tear to your eye, one burly biker man at a time

so i have to kvell a little bit ... i just read this article from kexp reviewing my dear friends The Naked Heroes who recently played at williamsburg music hall. and i am just oh so proud of them for being such a kick ass rockin' band. i wish you could see merica's hair better in this pic. it really is a sight to behold. anyway, that's all for now. shameless plug for my friend's band.


fifi said...

Plug away. Will they be playing again soon on a night when I can attend? How awesome did Merica's hair look?

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i was not at this specific show, so i cannot comment on her hair that particular day. however usually her hair is huge mass of curls, flying in all directions while she rocks out on drums. it is a sight to behold. i think they're playing next wednesday at shangri-la, which is right by my old place. i'll keep you informed.

fifi said...

Wednesday night? Do you not know what an old lady I am? If there's a chance of not being in bed by 11, my ass won't show.