Thursday, June 12, 2008

oh my breeders

so the mccarren pool site still hasn't announced their secret headliner on july 13th, and my computer seems to be refusing to load the new jellynyc site. but in the listing of free summer shows on ohmyrockness they are listing THE BREEDERS as the main act. and if ohmyrockness says it's true, then that's as good as gospel to me. thank you ohmyrockness, thank you.


fifi said...

Let's all join hands & pray.

Our Breeders, who art in rock, hallowed be thy jam.
Thy sweet-asses come. Thy beat be drum, on stage as it is in mosh pit.
Give us this day our daily Deal, and forgive us our breakups as we forgive those who break up our bands.
Lead us not into soft-rock, but deliver us from Idol.
For thine is McCarren and the power and the glory forever.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

very clever miss fifi. someone obviously went to sunday school and it wasn't me. because as the life preserver says, i'm a jew. anyway, it is truly official that the breeders are playing. mark your calendar.

fifi said...

Yep, that's what 12 years of Christian schools & camps & generally being cuffed to a church pew get you. I can write The Lord's Prayer" for just about anything. You should hear The Pork's Prayer -- a porcine classic.

I can't f***ing wait for the breeders show!