Tuesday, March 13, 2007

alert the press...i was ten minutes late

la la la la la la la ... i had a lovely three-day weekend in which i spent a large amount of time napping. and while i did slightly dread returning to work today i tried to be upbeat. i thought to myself, "self ... you can make this library a better place! you can work hard and be diligent and whip this place into shape!" so i return to my desk and check the many office e-mails and i see an e-mail from a library higher-up. said e-mail is informing me, my supervisor, the district supervisor and the supervisor for ALL OF MANHATTAN that little old me was ten, YES TEN minutes late for a meeting last week, and my time sheet must be altered. really people, must we be that petty? grrrrrrrrrrrr. i am again a broken woman.

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