Wednesday, March 7, 2007

smart girls finish last

i thought i was past this point in my life, but apparently not .... so i went on a date with a guy last night. he has a phd and a good job which involves lots of thinking. he also knows such terms as LoC classification, and can use it in a coherent sentence. so we're set, right? oh no, we are far from set. brainiac waxes poetic about his old psuedo girlfriend who is just super hot. he really loved her. i mean, she was really hot. now i am quite comfortable in my hotness, but even i was starting to feel uneasy. but then he says that she wasn't very smart, didn't have much motivation, is living with parents at age of 29, and is pretty much an all-around vacuous shopaholic ditz. so maybe this is ok. but then he gets all wistful and says he's worried he'll never find another girl like her again. "another flaky girl that isn't very smart or interesting or motivated or exceptional in any way?" i ask with much attitude in my voice because now i am pissed and i am also starting to wonder if we are going dutch because i should at least get a free dinner out of this. and what does he say in response? "but she was so hot."



Bianca said...

oh how painful!

what can you even SAY to that?

Becka said...

that would have been a good time to go to the "bathroom"... worries about who pays then!

Becka said...
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