Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the oh-so-talented EJ

remember EJ? he's the incredibly charming man who calls the library 30 gazillion times a day? well, he called me today (only twice so far!) to ask me for information about talent shows.
stupidly, i ask "what about talent shows?"
"i need information? about different talent shows i could be in?"
"no, we don't have that kind of information."
this displeases EJ. have i mentioned that he has an extremely whiny nasally voice which makes me want to punch in walls? well he does.
"but i want to be in a talent show! don't you have any information on where i can be in a talent show!?"
"i honestly have no idea where i could find that kind of information." and i honestly don't. i'm not just being bitchy. "you're going to have to find that youself"
"when i was in high school? i was in a talent show. i'm very talented. i'd be really good in a talent show."
oh, EJ ... how i'd love to see that talent show.

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