Monday, March 26, 2007

i live to deprive children of educational's what i live for

a young woman walks into the children's room (have you heard this one before?) to return a few dvds. the dvds are late. when i tell her she owes $15 she begins to protest. "but i'm a teacher!" she says. then she asks me if i can "cut her a deal." i explain to her that teachers, just like everybody else, have to pay their late fees if their items are late. she goes on to tell me her sob story about how she took the videos out and blah blah blah by the time she showed them to her class they were late and shouldn't she get away with it because she is an EDUCATOR! i too am an educator. and i owe $1.75 for the rolling stones CD that i just found underneath my bed. but i stand firm. she gets out her wallet, and as she hands me over the money she says, "well," sniff sniff, "i guess from now on the children won't be able to watch educational films from the library anymore." i guess i should have shed a single tear at this point, but instead i helpfully suggested that if "the children" need to watch movies she could just return them on time. urgh, the bullshit i have to deal with. really people. get it together.

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