Thursday, April 5, 2007

it looks like we have a con-man in our midsts

to recap: a bankrobbing preist needs help checking his e-mail. yours truly helps him, but then he gives my co-worker flowers. love is so fickle. so i discuss this with said co-worker, i mean, come on, this is my man we're talking about. and she says that not only has he given her not one but two long stemmed roses, but he has also invited her to jamaica! i want to go to jamaica. i could use to a trip to a tropical locale. so i tell her of his bank robbing exploits and his time in prison. suddenly those roses aren't smelling so sweet, are they? that's what you get when you mess with my man. she is shocked, and says that she definitely will not be going to jamaica with him. but then another co-worker chimes in and says that this guy hasn't been in jail at all. he's been coming here for years! so the question is .... is this man from jail? from bellevue? or from the nearby methadone clinic? YOU decide.

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