Tuesday, April 10, 2007

toilet paper: currency of the future

so after refusing to make photocopies for a one-legged man (long story), an elderly woman approaches me. she's grinning her toothless grin, pushing her push cart. she gives me this whole song and dance about how she's getting old and she can't hear and her hair is falling out and she keeps losing crowns blah blah blah. i ask her politely, "can i help you with something library related?" then she tells me that she's here to pick up our back issues of the new york times. says she does this periodically for her "research." i look into it and her story checks out so i give her all the back issues that are 3 months old or older. she is very appreciative, and then she digs into her cart saying "and i have a gift for you as always." and she places a 12-pack of toilet paper on my desk and somehow, i muster up a 'thank you.'

random sidenote: when i was travelling around europe in 1999, i met this guy from one of those square states in the middle of the country and he was all freaked out about y2k and he said that after y2k hit and civilization fell toilet paper would be our only form of currency.

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Anonymous said...

yeah apparently this lady has been doing this for a while...can't argue with free TP, it's better than NO TP.