Thursday, April 12, 2007

no more book cart drill team dreams of grandeur for me

for those of you who do not know what a book cart drill team is, please see my previous book cart drill team post (with video!). so a bunch of my fellow librarians from various branches have been organizing a book cart drill team for the upcoming library conference in washington dc. this is one of the only fun things i have to look forward to, job-wise anyway. and we just found out today that not only will the big bad library machine not pay for us to attend the conference, not give us any aid at all (not really a shocker), they are FORBIDDING us from having a drill team. that's right. because having a bunch of librarians do something fun that builds team spirit and boosts morale would be just terrible for the bureaucracy. i have made a listing of mathematical calculations which i think will clear up the goals and mission statements here at hell's library:

people enjoying what they do = bad
stealing my soul = good
people having high morale and pride in their work = bad
crushing my spirit and turning me into a mindless drone = good

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