Saturday, July 28, 2007

the dewey vs loc smackdown

it has come to my attention that someone out there thinks LoC (library of congress) classification is better than dewey decimal. well, i think you are sadly mistaken mr. i heart l-o-c. LoC, while preferable for large collections like university libraries, really doesn't make much sense in the average public library. and i am a public librarian, so i spit on your LoC. who doesn't love a classification system based on hundreds and decimal places ... its kind of like the metric system ... but different. so here is the breakdown, for those of you who don't know
000s - Generalities (this is also all books on computers and technology)
100s - Philosophy and Psychology
200s - Religion
300s - Sociology
400s - Languages
500s - Natural Sciences
600s - Applied Sciences (this means stuff like engineering and technology but not computer software)
700s - Arts and Recreation (sports and hobbies and artsy stuff)
800s - Literature and Rhetoric (how i love rhetoric)
900s - History and Geography
see? isn't that easy? i'm sure you'll never have any trouble finding a book again. and if something is invented or a new topic is created we just find a way to make it fit into these ten existed categories. because you can always add more decimal places. it's almost too easy. thank you melvil dewey!

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