Saturday, July 28, 2007

more tales from a bookmobile

the bookmobile lady is very nice but she seems a little out of touch. so we're talking about harry potter and she exclaims how odd it was that she saw a grown woman reading harry potter. and that she didn't realize that adults read harry potter as well. does she live in a cave? or worse yet, a bookmobile? how can you not know adults are in on this craze? it's all over tv and newspapers and magazines and the internets. i was kind of taken aback. i mean, this has been going on for several years now. but then i tried to take pity on her and started rationalizing that i, being a librarian, have an unfair advantage since keeping abreast of book trends is my job (and my passion). and then, i remembered that she IS a librarian. so how can she not know that grownups are reading harry potter?! that's her job! do you see the irony here?

p.s. if anyone would like to start a discussion about mr. potter i would be glad to put in my proverbial two cents

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