Sunday, July 29, 2007

it's all relative

i'm out in LI spending the weekend with the fam ... allow me to introduce my very charming mother (see the family resemblance?) she is modeling with a basketball i purchased for her recently celebrated birthday. so today we went to best buy and i helped her enter the 21st century and she bought a digital camera! and we used it to take pictures for her jdate profile! she's the director of a large public library in long island, enjoys movies, music, travel, and the beach. if you are a gainfully employed gentleman between the ages of 55-65 feel free to contact me and i will be happy to interview you and see if you are worthy of my beloved mother.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the latest blogs. you certainly have a creative way to wxpress feelings. i learn a lot about you from these insights.
Judy looks quite incredible with a basketball . A cute idea but can she score a basket? Ashley told me that she has basketball trophies so help could be on the way.
Sorry we didn't get to talk much. I have to watch Henry because we both worry about falling.
Hope to see you soon.
"Keep on truckin"
Love, Enid